Women's Boating Attire

Women's Boating Attire By Boat Bitch Apparel

Our women's boating attire protects you from UV

Boat Bitch is committed to innovation. Boat Bitch Apparel aims to women's boating attire that matter in modern styles that make it easy to move, exercise, and have fun. We believe in an active, outdoor lifestyle all the while looking great.

Our fabrics are among the best in the industry for their performance. They are lightweight, soft and breathable, as well as being stretchy. Each fabric is designed for outdoor activities or functions. Our fabrics are suitable for swimming and snorkeling. They can be dried quickly and are resistant to saltwater.Women's Boating Attire

Boat clothes for women with sun-protective fabric

Thanks to technical innovation and independent third party testing, our fabrics for women's sailing clothes have UPF50+. Fabrics can be made from a variety of weaves (tighter is better), colors, weights and sunscreens. Our sun protection is strong, even after repeated washes and exposures of chlorine, salt, and sweat.

The difference between SPF and UPF

Brands that claim to offer SPF protection for their womens boat clothing do not have the right information. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is a measure of how long it takes for sun-exposed skin from UVB ("burning") radiation to turn red. UPF is a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB measurement for fabric. It rates the amount of UV radiation that penetrates fabric and reaches skin. UPF 50 garments allow only 1/5th of the UV radiation to pass through them. It blocks 49/50ths (or 98%) of the UV radiation. SPF does not provide full spectrum protection. See the stylish and comfortable options for women's boating attire. Contact us if you have any questions!

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