About Us

Boat Bitch Apparel is known for its high quality, sun protection fabrics, and feminine silhouettes in Women’s Outdoor Apparel. We ensure that we are proud of every item that we offer – down to the fit and construction of the garment.

The Boat Bitch Story

Florida inspired lifestyle brand bringing style to your life on the water

It all began with a boat day when Tara & Jaclyn had an idea. They decided they wanted to stop wearing an oversized Men's UPF Sun Protection Top and wanted to design their own tops instead. They realized that sun protection styles with feminine silhouettes is what is missing in the Women’s Outdoor Apparel market. From that day on, they have been on a mission to use their skills and experience from working in the corporate world to bring fashion and style to Women's Outdoor & Boat Apparel. Their mission is to provide high-quality, female-focused styles that are designed to be worn while boating and are suitable for an outdoor lifestyle.


Tara & Jaclyn live by the mantra that life should be simple & fun. That mantra was the foundation for coming up with the brand name - Boat Bitch Apparel! It is something cheeky & playful which matches their outlook on life. There’s nothing better than having a boat day with friends & family. They want everyone to live their best boat life!

The Products

Clothing, Hats, and Accessories that pair well with sunshine

Boat Bitch Apparel is inspired by the Florida lifestyle and is designed by women for women. The high-quality, lightweight, breathable fabrics are designed for all day comfort and most fabrics include sun protection (UPF 50+). The intention is to enhance the body’s natural silhouette while bringing style to your life in and out of the water.

"I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a Bitch, okay." -Madonna

Boat Bitch Apparel is designed for the woman who is confident, authentic, and passionate about life. She is always down for a boat day, loves the sun, water, and endless weekends. For her, every day feels like a Summer Friday. At dock o‘clock you’ll find her with a Boat Day hat, sun protection top, and tumbler filled with her favorite ice-cold drink.

Company Values


Protect our planet, oceans, and all forms of life. We believe in giving back to the beautiful ocean that has provided us so many good times. A portion of proceeds from each sale will be donated to protect the ocean, so that generations to come can enjoy this magnificent world. We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable with compostable and recyclable materials. Boat Bitch Apparel is a proud member of the Eco-Packaging Alliance to reduce the Earth’s carbon footprint.



Our intention is to be authentic in everything that we do. Be true to yourself, values, and spirit.



Take time to spread positivity and strive to do better each day, help others, and do everything with good intention.



Life should be simple & fun! Live your best life, take chances. Tomorrow is not promised, only today.



Be wild, be free, have fun, and enjoy the endless pursuit of life’s little adventures.