Boating Clothes For Ladies

Water-resistant clothing

Get ready for anything with boating clothes for ladies. We have the boating apparel for women that you need, no matter how you spend your time on the water. Our selection of women’s sailing clothing and women’s boating apparel will help you set sail. You'll also look fabulous when you shop our selection for women's sailing clothes, by Boat Bitch Apparel.

Lotion has SPF. Fabric has UPF.

Clothing brands that claim to have SPF protection in their boating clothing are not correct. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It measures how long it takes for sun-exposed skin to turn red from UVB ("hot") radiation. UPF, which is a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB measure for fabric, rates how much UV radiation penetrates fabric and reaches skin. A garment with UPF 50 allows only 1/50th the UV radiation that falls on its surface to pass through it. It blocks 49/50ths, or 98%, of the UV radiation. SPF is not a full spectrum protection.Boating Clothes For Ladies

What makes a sun-protective fabric better?

The fabric in our boating clothes for ladies have UPF 50+ thanks to technical innovation and independent third-party testing. Fabrics are a mix of weave (tighter is more), color, weight, and the additions of sunscreens, millions, of the sun-bouncing mineral, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide at the fiber or fabric levels. Our sun protection is durable, even after multiple washes and exposures to chlorine, salt and sweat.

Each component, each finished garment and every interaction with customers must reflect our high standards for womans boating clothes. We look for the highest quality fabrics, and then we refine the fit numerous times until it is perfect. We then work with skilled seamstresses to make well-constructed pieces that can withstand all sorts of conditions. We want you to love our products, and to be able to enjoy them for a lifetime. Check out our stylish yet practical boating clothes for ladies. Reach out for our sizing options.