Skin Safety While Fishing

Skin Safety While Fishing

Summer fishing is about dealing with heat and the sun. As with most outdoor activities, safety and comfort in hot weather is directly tied to preparation and planning on what to wear. To avoid heatstroke, sunburn, or dehydration, it's important that you plan ahead for hot weather.

These six tips by Boat Bitch Apparel will keep you cool on hot days at the water.

1. Keep Hydrated While Fishing

Your body regulates your temperature through sweat. You need to replenish fluids that you have lost through sweating in hot and humid environments to stay hydrated. You run the risk of sunstroke if you don't get enough fluids.

It is easy to stay hydrated: drink lots of fluids and drink frequently. Drinking water is important. Don't just drink a few drops every now and again. When fishing in hot conditions, I typically guzzle down 10-20 ounces of water every 30-40 minutes (sometimes more). Extra water is something I always carry, both for myself and my fishing partner.

To stay hydrated, it is a good rule of thumb to drink before you feel thirsty. If your body signals that you are thirsty, it is already dehydrated. Drink plenty of fluids if you feel thirsty.

Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks when it comes to beverages. Both of these drinks are diuretics, and can cause fluid loss. You may also experience frequent urination. To make up for the loss of fluids, drink a few more glasses of water before you indulge in these types of drinks. Remember that hydrated urine will appear clear if it is hydrated. If it is a dark yellow color, you are dehydrated and will need to drink plenty of water.

Water is my preferred drink in hot weather. However, I like to keep a few sports drinks around for variety. These replenish minerals, salts, and sugars lost through sweating. It is possible to save money by purchasing the powder in bulk and making your own water bottles. You can also keep juices on hand.

2. Protect Your Head In Sunny Conditions

When it's hot and sunny, protecting your head is essential. You risk a fate worse than death and sunstroke if you don't have a hat. An broad brim cap will protect your neck, face and ears from the sun's harmful rays. You can also choose ball caps or buffs bandanas. They don't offer as much protection but they are better than safety

3. Protect Your Eyes With Sunglasses

The majority of sunglasses available today will protect your eyes against harmful UV rays. Polarized lenses are great for anglers. They reduce the sun's glare and allow you to spot fish and other underwater structures. The wrap-around option is very popular because they fit snugly around the face and block out the sun. Glasses are an important part of your boating wardrobe, so don't skimp out!

4. Apply Sunscreen Often

Sunscreen is essential to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Using sunscreen less often can increase your risk of skin cancer and cause other skin problems, such as sunburns. Remember that sun rays can reflect off of the water's surface, so sunscreen is still recommended for cloudy conditions.

For adults, sunscreen should have a minimum of 15 SPF rating. Children should use sunscreen that has a minimum 30 SPF rating. For maximum protection, apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going out in the sun. When fishing or boating, consider using sport sunscreens. These sunscreens are waterproof and sweatproof, which provides better protection. You should apply sunscreen as often as you need. This is especially important if you have been wet or sweating a lot.

You should also carry a lip balm that has a 15 SPF rating, and make sure you use it frequently. A sunblock stick may be a good option to protect your nose and ears.

5. The Right Clothing To Protect Sunlight & Keep Moisture From Your Skin

Proper clothing protects your skin. Many sportswear fabrics offer sun protection with SPF ratings of 15 to 30. These clothes often have quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties that will help you stay cool. Ventilated cape backs are a great option for maximum ventilation.

While short sleeves are very common in hot weather, it is important to keep long sleeves shirts and pants handy.

You can easily burn your toes if you are fishing in sandals. If your feet are getting too hot, apply sunscreen regularly. Also don't neglect your hands. Sunscreen can easily get wiped off if you are landing and releasing fish throughout the day. You might also consider sun gloves, which are specially designed to protect your hands from the UV rays but still allow you to fish like tie knots and cast and reel.

6. Get Covered

Extreme conditions can make it difficult to avoid the sun. You might consider splitting up your outings by taking a break at the mid-day. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. the sun's rays can be strongest, making it a great time to have a beach lunch or take a break in the shade. A boat with a top is an excellent way to keep shaded.

These are just some suggestions for how to deal with the heat during fishing season. You shouldn't let the heat stop you from enjoying great fishing this season. However, be aware of the sun's rays while on ocean waves or just enjoying lake vibes as well as the effects of hot weather. Keep hydrated and protect yourself from the harmful UV rays to ensure you are ready for any kind of fish. Have any questions about sizing or any styles? Feel free to reach out to Boat Bitch Apparel today! Stay protected!

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